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Legendarium News & Media

The Home of Fantasy & Sci-Fi

MyMiddle-earth Social Network

A social network unlike anything seen before

Oloris Publishing

Because the great tales never end

My Little Earth

Imagination and fantasy is the food that fuels the mind

Middle-earth Network Radio

24/7 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Radio

SwordSong Music

Fantasy-inspired music label

SubCreator Media

Website and Interactive Design and Development


Custom print and publishing services by a Master Printer

Our YouTube Channel

Fantasy and Sci-Fi videos from the Middle-earth Network, our Partners and the Community

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Mythgard Institute

A Radical Approach to Learning
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Podcast on Old Norse

Casually Strolling through MMOs

Blog about all things LOTRO and MMOs

Cedarlore Forge

Artist and bladesmith

Essential C.S. Lewis

Podcast and website about C.S. Lewis

Grail Quest Books

Independent publisher of prose, comics and books

LOTRO Players

A community for and by LOTRO players

Narnia Fans

The largest Narnia fan site in the World

The Oddest Inkling

A blog that explores C.S. Lewis' life, work and ideas.

Quest Gaming Network

QGN: Elder Scrolls, Rift, Adrenaline ESports, Minecraft and Dungeon Quest

Rise of the Fellowship

There's a Little bit of Geek and Hero in all of us!

Ruth Lacon

Tolkien-inspired artist and author

Stone Harp

Legacy of the Stone Harp

Ted Nasmith

Illustrator, renderer and musician

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Arctic Fire

Bladesmithing event

Jef Murray

Artist, author and illustrator

Star Wars Report

All about Star Wars

Tolkien Brasil

Tolkien blog and podcast
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Lost Tolkien Tape
A lost audio recording by J.R.R. Tolkien has been found
Random Fandom

Our weekly live news show about the week in geek

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