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Legendarium News & Media

The Home of Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Legendarium is a streaming online community connecting Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans with media content creators. Offering breaking news from network members to the leaders in the genre industries. Creating original programs such as “The Rangers of Middle-Earth” to syndications such as “Conan”, or perhaps one day the likes of “Firefly”, “Doctor Who”, or “Game of Thrones” – or those like them. We live in an age where the fan must no longer sit back and just observe; they can now be invited on the journey. Pick up your sword or phaser and join us! | facebook.png twitter.png googleplus.png rss.png

MyMiddle-earth Social Network

A social network unlike anything seen before

MyMiddle-earth is a social network for fans of fantasy and science fiction. Connect with people and celebrities in the fantasy community from all over the world who share your interests and passions. Meet and chat with renowned authors, artists, musicians, scholars, filmmakers, actors, and passionate everyday people who will inform and inspire you. Take part in lively discussions. Post your very own blogs and thoughts. Create meaningful and lasting friendships in a safe and private environment. Stay up to date with our Community Crier, a weekly event, news and announcement publication. We have more features to connect than anyone and it’s all here designed for people like you in mind. | Become a Free Member |

Oloris Publishing

Because the great tales never end

Oloris Publishing is the publishing arm of Middle-earth Network and is dedicated to publishing exceptional works of fiction and non-fiction that will deeply engage readers across a variety of genres. We are on a dynamic adventure seeking to expand the vision of traditional publishing by welcoming and showcasing vibrant, new voices and embracing various media for their expression. We believe that the publishing process should be a true collaboration, in which our authors and illustrators are very involved so that their own voices truly shine. | facebook.png googleplus.png twitter.png pinterest.png tumblr.png vimeo.png goodreads.png rss.png

My Little Earth

Imagination and fantasy is the food that fuels the mind

My Little-earth releases truly dramatized audiobooks of the highest quality to ensure that children of ALL ages (Yes: even you Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma!) can be transported into the world of these incredible stories and learn about life, love, loyalty and what it means to take a stand for good in our world. | facebook.png twitter.png rss.png

Middle-earth Network Radio

24/7 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Radio

Middle-earth Network Radio, the leader in cross genre radio providing 24/7 music from films, games and independent musicians.  Original artists include Maluka, the Lonely Mountain Band, Marc Gunn, Gandalf’s Fist and many more.  Famous film scores include Fantasia, Blade Runner and Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings to name a few.  Lord of the Rings Online, Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda are just a few of the game sound tracks we play regularly.  As a member of ASCAP we bring you the very best in Fantasy and Sci-Fi music from around the world!
Additionally, our every growing podcast content, everything from gaming to literature to news are available on our network-wide podcast page! | Podcasts | Listen via TuneIn

SwordSong Music

Fantasy-inspired music label

Sword Song Music is the record label of the Middle-earth Network.  Our featured artists include the Lonely Mountain Band bringing the music of Middle-earth to life, King Keltic, epic songs with Celtic influence and Ted Nasmith creating original Tolkien-inspired music. | Lonely Mountain Band | King Keltic | Ted Nasmith

SubCreator Media

Website and Interactive Design and Development

SubCreator Media is the web and interactive media development division of the Middle-earth Network. In addition to Network support, we offer custom website and multimedia design, development and hosting services to provide your customers with a rich and engaging online presence.
Contact SubCreator Media


Custom print and publishing services by a Master Printer

Custom printing and publishing of small and medium sized projects. We print Tshirts, mugs, posters, art prints, CDs and DVDs, mouse pads, iPhone and iPad covers, books and many more items, all customized with original artwork and printed specifically for you.
Contact MythPress

Special Partnerships

Mythgard Institute

A Radical Approach to Learning

Partnering with Mythgard Institute, we are taking a revolutionary approach to on-line education. Specializing in studies related to the great literature and languages of our day, it also encompasses a broad range of topics and technical hands-on learning studies that enable students to realize their dreams. Learn from some of the finest scholars and instructors in the world, at a fraction of the cost of a normal education, we also deliver a more personalized approach to learning with more personal interaction and contact hours than almost anyone. From degrees in Game Design to an M.A. in English Literature this is only the beginning!

Featured Partners


Podcast on Old Norse

A literature podcast that “endeavors to catalog and present story, music, and visual arts together through digital media, with the decided persuasion of Old Norse and related Germanic source material.”

Casually Strolling through MMOs

Blog about all things LOTRO and MMOs

Casually Strolling through MMOs (formerly A Casual Stroll to Mordor) is one of the most popular podcasts and blogs on the online game, LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online). Recently they’ve taken on the broad subject matter of MMOs, not just LOTRO.

Cedarlore Forge

Artist and bladesmith

Cedarlore Forge is a smithy, run by swordsmith and artist David DelaGardelle who crafts in the mythopoetic tradition of his Northern family roots.

Essential C.S. Lewis

Podcast and website about C.S. Lewis

A website, blog and podcasts devoted to C.S. Lewis, his art, writing, teachings and life. Two podcasts, All About Jack and CSL Minute as well as daily quotes, quizzes and facts round out a wealth of C.S. Lewis news and content.

Grail Quest Books

Independent publisher of prose, comics and books

Grail Quest Books is an alliance of independently published traditional prose, comic books, special editions of beloved classics of literature, and audio dramas focusing on sweeping stories within epic fantasy or historical settings.

Jef Murray

Artist, author and illustrator

An artist, author and illustrator whose work spans the genres of Middle-earth, Narnia, Fairy Tales and Soul & Spirit.

LOTRO Players

A community for and by LOTRO players

LOTRO Players is a community website that allows content creators to come together and share in one nice and easy place with LOTRO, Lord of the Rings Online, fans.

Narnia Fans

The largest Narnia fan site in the World

Narnia Fans is a site by and for fans of C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia covering everything from books, movies, music, games and much more. Note: Narnia Fans is an “off-network” Partner site.

The Oddest Inkling

A blog that explores C.S. Lewis' life, work and ideas.

An Exploration of the Life and Works of Charles Williams (1886-1945)

Quest Gaming Network

QGN: Elder Scrolls, Rift, Adrenaline ESports, Minecraft and Dungeon Quest

The Quest Gaming Network is a series of gaming related podcasts covering the latest news, opinion and fandom around XBOX, Playstation and PC games.

Elder Scrolls Off the Record
Elder Scrolls Off the Record is a gaming podcast about the game, Elder Scrolls Online.

Rift Off the Record
Podcast and blog on the game RIFT!

Totally Heroes
The newest show from Quest Gaming Network, Totally Heroes podcast!

Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest is a periodic podcast where the hosts of some of the QGN podcasts get together to play some old school rpg games for you to enjoy.

Rise of the Fellowship

There's a Little bit of Geek and Hero in all of us!

Feature length film from Opening Act Productions: “A group of friends embark on an epic journey to find a new world they have only heard of, encountering dangerous obstacles and threats around every corner. During their quest they lose one of their most precious possessions and must display depths of bravery and heroism that they never thought possible.”

Ruth Lacon

Tolkien-inspired artist and author

A Tolkien-inspired artist, Ruth Lacon creates some of the most original and engaging paintings of Middle-earth in addition to African and Australian Aboriginal influences. She is also an author of several academic books on Tolkien Studies.

Stone Harp

Legacy of the Stone Harp

The “Legacy of the Stone Harp” series is the result of a unique collaboration between Mark Sebanc and James G. Anderson. While the origins of The Stoneholding, the first book of the series, lie in a story crafted by Mark over several years, in its present form the work stands as a tribute to the alchemy of a mutually sparked creativity.

Ted Nasmith

Illustrator, renderer and musician

Ted Nasmith is a world-renowned illustrator, artist and musician. His painting cover the J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, architectural, automotive and other diverse subjects.

Affiliate Partners

Arctic Fire

Bladesmithing event

An annual live bladesmithing event centered around the art of forging blades.

Star Wars Report

All about Star Wars

Podcast and blog about Star Wars, it’s history, fandom and popularity in today’s media from film to games.

Tolkien Brasil

Tolkien blog and podcast

The largest Tolkien-related blog and podcast from Brazil.

Additional Network Websites, Shows and Resources Quick Links for Network Members

Legendarium Market

The Finest Wares from the Middle-earth Network

The Legendarium Shop is an off-site store where we and some of our Featured Partners sell everything from special edition DVDs, art prints, mugs, music and books to help support network maintenance and new product development.

Random Fandom

Our weekly live news show about the week in geek

A live show talking about games, movies, cons and all the nerdy news you can think of. Join the hosts Tuesdays at 9:30pm EST live on their website and in the Chat Rooms.

Middle-earth Network Video Channels

Free and on demand film and videos

Unique and on demand videos and films for free viewing or rental and a wealth of video content, from Hobbit readings by Tolkien scholars, celebrities and fans to podcasts, special events, random entertainment and network news and updates. |

Hobbit Day

Yearly online festival held on September 22.

We archive videos from previous years of fans, celebrities and scholars reading their favorite passages from The Hobbit.

Community Websites and Blogs

Search and sort our entire network of blogs and websites

A database list of all the websites and blogs at the Middle-earth Network, from partner and network sites to individual user blogs.

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Monthly contributors that support the Middle-earth Network

Our paid members of Middle-earth Network are those kind and devoted members who give a monthly contribution to help off-set server and other costs to keep everything up and running and in turn receive many nice perks and discounts available only to them.

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